Expert Plumbing Inspections Services

Plumbing Inspection Services - Highly Trained Technician are available to Inspect your Next Real Estate or Commercial Building Purchase.

"Get a Professional Plumbing Inspection before Purchase of Residential or Commercial Property."

In Illinois – Home and Commercial plumbing systems should be thoroughly inspected by a licensed – certified Plumber.

Home and Commercial plumbing inspection

The Plumbing system is often the most overlooked part of your home – it is essentially the most important component you have.


Before finalizing a real-estate deal we recommend you have a professional licensed and certified Plumber inspect the property.

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Before purchasing your next home – Get a Professional Plumbing Inspection.

Local Experienced Plumbers can find and locate a plumbing or flood control problem when other general home inspection experts will overlook.

A thorough plumbing review of your next home purchase can save you many headaches at a time that you should be enjoying your home.

Many times we are called into homes of recent homeowners that have been surprised from faulty plumbing items, like Sump Pump Failure, Leaking Pipes, Yard Flooding Issues, Septic Problems, Sewer Gas’s, Faulty RPZ’s, Inoperable Water Treatment, etc..

Call HT Strenger and get an Inspection and a Current Condition report.

HT Strenger technicians check the entire plumbing system interior and exterior including the current condition of the sewer line. We are also Septic Sysytem Experts and can give areport on the future life of the current system.

Contact HT Strenger today and have a qualified Plumbing Expert inspect your Plumbing System.


HT Strenger we can determine what is the best for your situation. HT Strenger Plumbing has been providing top notch plumbing service since 1911.