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Since 1911, H.T. Strenger Plumbing has provided Exceptional Plumbing.
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Sump Pump repair, installation, affordable emergency Sump Service in Lake Bluff, Illinois. We are expert plumbers regarding all sump pump problems. Most people never want to experience water in your finished basement, soaked irreplaceable carpeting, or wet walls and drywall. Don't let this happen to you....Read More

Expert installation, dependable, top-line quality appliances for your home- They get a lot of use and need maintenance to run a peak efficiency - HT Strenger can keep your water heater running at its best with minor scheduled service. Call HT Strenger today at (847) 234-9440. Free energy savings assessments and estimates...Read More

Power Jet Rodding Systems from H.T.Strenger will remove obstructions blocking your pipes. We use flexible metal cable that threads into your clogged drains that can move through the pipes bends and joints. Special Clearing Heads with a Pipe Clearing attachment that is sized to the diameter of the pipe. Mechanical electric motors rotate the cable at a high rate of speed clearing all drainage problems."...Read More

Keep your drains unclogged and water flowing freely. We are Expert Sewer and Drain technicians that can your sewer drains flow free away from your home. Debris, Tree Roots and Minerals can build up over time - Clogging and Damaging your System. Clean out systems can help prevent far greater costs when it comes time to cleaning out your sewer system....Read More