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Excavation Plumbing Excavators- Underground Plumbing.

Excavation Plumbing Excavators- Underground Plumbing.

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Serving Chicagoland since 1911 – HT Strenger uses Expert Excavator Operators – Experience that seperates us from others in the plumbing excavation industry. HT Strenger has earned our reputation of quality performance and complete customer satisfaction.

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Chicagolands Plumbing Excavating Experts

HT Strenger Plumbing has been the most comprehensive and customer satisfaction driven plumbing services provider. We provide superior customer service that has earned us A+ accreditations from Major Business and Customer Websites. Our experience has gained us knowledge with contractors as well as municipalities, industrial projects and commercial.

Sewer Line Maintenance Products and Services

Sewer line maintenance is key to keeping your drains flowing freely.We can help provide expert service and make sure your drains are free from debris,root growth and mineral build up. Installing a clean out system inside your residential or commercial facility can help prevent far greater costs when it comes time to cleaning out your sewer system. These clean out systems reduce the need for digging and heavy equipment. At HT Strenger , we understand that you want to keep your sewer lines as clean as possible with as little disruption as possible. Installing a new clean-out system can help prevent far more costly digging and repairs.

  • Emergency Excavating
  • Sewer Work
  • Water Mains
  • Fountains and Ponds
  • Septic and Fields
  • Site Prep
  • Grading
  • Sewer Trenches


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