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Easy tips to maintain your Sump Pump

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Properly maintaining your Sump Pump with a couple of simple preventative tips could save you the headaches of cleaning up a flooded basement

Prevent Water Damage from a Faulty Sump Pump System.

Routinely Test your Sump Pump.

Test your pump every 90 days. In Chicagoland weather changes and temperature fluctuations dramatically influence the water surrounding your home’s foundation.

This one tip can make sure your pump at a minimum will be ready to drain water away from your home.

Simply fill your pump pit with water and monitor the pump discharging the water. Watch and listen for broken or clogged pipes. Watch for secure water flowing through the system. The pump should activate smoothly and with little effort. Listen for a smooth transition to the resting non-discharge state. If your pump does not properly discharge the water, contact HT Strenger Plumbing for immediate service.

Clean the Pump and Remove Debris from the Pit.

Carefully unplug your Sump Pump power cord. Remove the sump pump pit cover to gain access to pump and pit basin. Look for and remove debris and dirt, sand, or any item that can impede the flow of water into and out of your sump pump or preventing your float switch to move freely vertically.

Check for Worn, Loose, or Broken Parts.

Look for abnormally corroded parts, test fittings for tight fits and possible weak spots in materials leaking water. 

Inspect water discharge lines.

Visually inspect for simple discharge pipe angles and listen for water possibly returning back into the sump pit from a faulty worn out valve. 

Check Back-Up Battery Voltage and Battery Age.

Battery backup systems depend on the stored strength in the Battery that powers up your Pump when your home loses electrical services during strong rain storms. 

We suggest replacing your Sump Pump between 3 to 5 years of service if your pump works regularly during the year. 

If you observe water on your basement floor or wet carpeting, strong odors, or noise from the Sump Pump Pit.

Contact HT Strenger at 847-234-9440.

Prevent Water Damage in your Home !

Despite the frequency and impact of preventable water damage, many homeowners are un-prepared, according to insurance companies data. 

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