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Water Filtration

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Water Filtration

While water quality is a complex issue, the solution is simple. Today's families turn to water professionals who rely on Water Filtation products for filtration and softening systems, filter housings and cartridges, and accessories for peace of mind concerning the quality of their water.

You can enjoy great tasting water straight from your kitchen. Water filtration systems significantly reduce unpleasant tastes and odors due to chlorine, nitrates, lead, iron and sulfur.

Clean and healthy water is just as important as the amount of water. Various contaminants and microorganisms that may be present in some mains and well waters, such as chlorine, lead, copper, sand, etc. make our water un-healthy. Avoid altered tastes in your food by eliminating all the harmful and contaminating elements from your water with a water treatment system that is right for you and your home.

HT Strenger can help choose the best system according to your specific water situation and current water quality, water quantity and your current special needs.


  • Great Tasting Water Straight from your Tap!
  • Money savings over the life of the product.
  • No more spending additional money on bottled water products.
  • Reverse Osmosis Sytems produce virtually 100% pure water from tap.
  • Eliminate all harmful and contaminating elements from water
  • Reduce Chlorine and Chlorine Byproducts
  • Drinking cleaner water helps you fight illnesses and diseases
  • Improve the health of the foods that you eat
  • Mitigate risk from 2100 different toxins that may be found in home drinking water

HT Strenger we can determine what is the best for your situation. HT Strenger Plumbing has been providing top notch plumbing service since 1911.

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