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HT Strenger can get your Clogged Lines flowing fast ! Same Day Estimates and Servicing. We have are ready to handle your situation in the fastest time at the most competitive pricing. We will provide expert caring service, making sure your drains are free from debris, grease, root growth and mineral build up.

We Install Sewer Line Clean-Out Systems

A sewer line clean out is a vertical pipe which has one end connected to the lateral sewer line that runs underground connecting a residential home or commercial building to the public sewer line. The other end of this vertical pipe extends to the ground surface where it is capped. This cap allow's easy access to the buildings sewer line for maintenance purposes and it also serves as the best way for locating the building's sewer line in cases of an emergency plumbing situation when quick access to the sewer line is needed in order to prevent the sewer line from backing up into a building or a home. If the main building drain clogs up or overflows, the owner can go outside to the sewer line clean out and unscrew the cap to release the water and help prevent it from backing up into the building. For this reason the capped end should remain visible on the grounds’ surface and not be obstructed by any objects which would make it inaccessible when quick access is needed. The cap can usually be easily unscrewed using a wrench or sometimes even by hand if it was not previously tightened down hard.

Fast - Affordable Emergency Sewer Line Back-up Service

Sewer Line Maintenance Products and Services

Sewer line maintenance is key to keeping your drains flowing freely. We can help provide expert service and make sure your drains are free from debris, root growth and mineral build up. Installing a clean out system inside your residential or commercial facility can help prevent far greater costs when it comes time to cleaning out your sewer system. These clean out systems reduce the need for digging and heavy equipment. At HT Strenger , we understand that you want to keep your sewer lines as clean as possible with as little disruption as possible. Installing a clean-out system can help prevent far more costly digging and repairs.


The patented RootX formula foams on contact with water to reach the top of the pipe where 90% of the roots are. Degreasing agents strip away grime so the RootX® herbicide can penetrate the roots, killing them on contact. RootX® sticks to the pipe walls, preventing re-growth for up to three years. Dead roots decay over time, restoring pipes to their full capacity.

A clean-out system can help keep roots from building up and make annual maintenance far easier and less costly. Why risk not being able to use the plumbing in your home or office due to roots and debris when preventative measures are available to you. Contact HT Strenger today and let us evaluate your system for a clean-out installation.


In nature all animal and vegetable matter is broken down and recycled into plant food by enzymes and bacteria.BIO-CLEAN® uses this same principal to biodegrade organic waste that accumulates in your plumbing system. Like all living things, bacteria must eat to survive. Fortunately the grease, hair, soap film and organic waste are food for the bacteria in BIO-CLEAN®. The enzymes prepare this food; for the bacteria by breaking down the large molecules into a size the bacteria can swallow.

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