Septic Tank Solutions & Sewer Replacements - Septic Tank Plumbing


Septic tanks and systems should be regularly maintained. HT Strenger provides septic tank maintenance services and solutions that are suited for your particular situation. Our Technicians are familiar with the Chicago Land Area and the demands that the environment puts on Septic Systems.  Call us to learn more about how we can maintain your septic system services.

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Septic Tank Solutions & Sewer Replacements - Septic Tank Plumbing

Septic Tank Solutions

Inspecting your Septic System  and Holding Tanks is critical to Catching a problem early with preventative services and products from HT Strenger these can prevent emergency backups and costly problems from occurring.

Septic Excavation & Service

Maintaining Your Home Septic Drainfield.

Your Septic Drainfied is the final component of your septic system it removes contaminants from the water that comes from your Septic Tank it is a vital component of your household Septic System: These are some commonsense tips on keeping it working well.

  • Always Use a Qualified Licensed Technician to Service your Septic Field: Costly problems can result from improper careless installations and short term short cut remedies. Using the services of a Qualified Licensed Septic pro will save you money and headaches.
  • Not a Parking Place: Never park or drive a car or tractor on your drainfield.
  • Planting: Plant trees and shrubs away from your drainfield to keep roots from growing into your septic system. A professional can advise you of the proper distance, depending on your septic tank and landscape.
  • Placing: Keep sump pumps, roof drainage systems and other rainwater drainage systems away from your drainfield area. Large amounts of Water can slow down or stop the wastewater treatment process.

Septic & Holding Tank Line Hydro-Jetting

Hydro Jetting from H.T. Strenger utilizes extremely high-pressure jets of water to blast away pipe clogs, old sludge accumulation and problematic tree roots. Hydro-Jetting utilizes high-pressure lines capped with a nozzle that disperses jets of water in all directions. The Pressurized water is sufficient to not only blast away the central blockage but also cut tree roots and reduce them to small fragments as well as scour the pipe walls of sludge and grease accumulation. The influx of high-pressure water in the pipes flushes the debris away from the point of obstruction and out of the residence.

Authorized Grinder Pump Installations

Authorized Grinder Pump Installations

Grinder pumps actually shred  sewage and then pump it through the discharge pipe. Benefits of using a Sewage Ejector Grinder Pump is that debris that is flushed down the toilet is  grinded to help flow through the sewage system more efficiently and not cause clogging.

If you are having problems with sewer lines moving slowly, then you may need to have them cleaned out. Jet rodding, or hydro jetting is the means of cleaning your sewer pipes through the use of high intensity water. Hydro jetting helps cut through grease and debris in your sewer lines and may be the answer to sluggish flushing and draining problems. We provide you with state-of-the-art hydro jetting procedures that allow us to clean all debris from your pipes, resulting in them running as if they are brand new.