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Preventing flooding in your basement from heavy constant rains,  faulty sump pump systems, or city sewage back-up is what we do. 


Look for some of these warning signs and call H.T. Strenger so we can evaluate your situation and make the proper recommendations.

  • Pooling Water in your yard and/or surrounding the foundation. 
  • Sponge like soil around your foundation 24/48 hours after rainfall.
  • Broken or inadequate roof guttering system and/or clogged downspouts and/or extensions.
  • Neglected sump pump system – older unreliable pump.
  • Unproperly installed battery back-up sump pump system. 
  • Musty or Toxic basement odors – High humidity in basement.
  • Blocked or Clogged window well drains.
  • Basement foundation cracks.  – Inside or Outside.
  • Broken or missing window well covers.

We can recommend yard drainage solutions. 

Water that accumulates around your home and seeps through the weak areas in your foundation, can become an outright expensive disaster if not detected until it is too late. 

Over time it is not uncommon for drainage plans that worked in the past can become ineffective. Many factors can add to an increase in water retention in your yard and around your foundation. 

In neighborhoods it is not uncommon for rainwater to accumulate as neighboring  homeowners make enhancements to their property (room additions, gardens, fencing, sheds, discharge lines, driveways, new guttering, etc.).  All of these can contribute to a flooding problem on your property.

We have licensed and highly trained plumbing technicians that can solve flooding problems like this at best in class pricing and value. 

Install and Update Battery Back-Up Sump Pump Systems.

A quality Sewage – Sump pump is a must and your best #1 protection against flooding. A battery back up system should also be part of any Sewage pit solution. Battery Back Up Systems are your last defense against the eventual main pump failure or extended power outage.

HT Strenger technicians can repair all makes and models of Sump pumps and battery back up systems. We are capable of repairing all pump sizes from discharge size and everything in between in our state of the art repair center. We carry a complete line of pump’s, pump-batteries, and back up systems from industry leaders like.

  • ION
  • Zoeller
  • Wayne
  • Basement Watchdog
  • Little Giant
  • Flo-Tec
  • Pro-Flo
  • Blue Angel
  • PHCC Pro Series

City Sanitary Sewer Back-Up Prevention. Back Up Valves.

During heavy rainfall, most storm water enters the sanitary system as inflow and infiltration. The sanitary system can get overloaded and cause basement backups in dwellings and business’s nearest to the overload. 

Sanitary sewer back-up is a stressful and costly problem. Installation of a backflow prevention device can give homeowners immediate protection and peace of mind from a sanitary sewer backup.

Contact HT Strenger to get solutions for your Flood Control Problems.