Sump Pump Battery Replacement & Installation.

Sump Pump Battery Back-up Installation and Inspection Services - Replace your Back Up Batteries
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HT Strenger Technicians can repair all Makes and Models of Sump Pumps and Battery Back Up Systems. When Power no longer Supplies your home (Usually in a Rain Storm), the a battery back up system is designed to automatically send power from the batteries to the sump pump. It essential that your Sump Batteries(s) are always at Peak Efficiency – We can check the Life of your Batteries and make replacements and suggestions. We can also repair all pump and discharge sizes and everything usually on the first service call. We carry a complete line of residential pump’s, pump-batteries, and back up systems, In Our Service Vans at all Times.Call us for a Sump Pump Check Up at 847-234-9440.

Replace your Back-Up Battery every 2 Years.

Most homeowners understand they have a primary (AC powered) sump pump in their basement or crawlspace to protect them from flooding. That’s all well and good, but:.

Power to your Pump

IF/WHEN the power goes out (or the fuse blows, or the circuit breaker trips, or the power cord gets pulled out), your primary pump won’t run and you will flood.

Primary Pump Failure is Inevitable.

IF/WHEN your primary pump fails due to a clog or other mechanical problem, you will flood.

Check your Float Switch

IF/WHEN the float switch on your primary pump gets stuck or doesn’t activate, you will flood. If you don’t have a backup sump pump, you don’t have a sump pump at all! That’s because ALL sump pumps eventually fail, and without a good backup system, you won’t know the pump has failed until you have a flood! Everybody with a sump basin should have both a primary and a backup system.

Add an Additional Battery

Having a second battery connected to your backup system will give you approximately twice as much run time without AC power. If you live in an area that experiences long power outages, this is a nice feature to have….

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