Simple Tips- Hot Water Heater Efficiency

Hot Water Heater
Get more from the Tank.

The U.S. Department of Energy, your water heater accounts for 17 percent of your energy use, probably the largest user of in-house energy.

Reduce Energy Costs - Get More.


Conserve Hot water - Use Less.

small amount of money, using room temperature water for basic grooming and everyday use is a fairly easy change.

Install Water heater insulation

Insulating your hot water tank will result in less energy lost and a lower figure on your electric or gas bill.

Install a heat trap

A heat trap works to allow cold water to enter the tank, while preventing hot water from getting cold. The device uses convection in order to keep hot water at the top of the tank since heat rises.

More Simple Tip...

Lower and adjust the heating temperature on your hot water heater to 120 degrees or under.

Look for Leaks or water around Tank

Installing low-flow efficiency fixtures - Look for Energy Star Appliances

Use Less Hot Water - ie: Take Shorter Showers.

Don't let water run on and Fix Leaks

Run Dishwasher less Often - and Wash only full loads, opt for shorter wash cycles

Its estimated that lowering the heating temperature every 10 Degrees can save 3% - 5% on your water heating costs.

HT Strenger is the leader in Hot Water Heater repairs in libertyville
HT Strenger is the leader Hot Water Heater repairs in libertyville

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