Faucet and Fixture Installation & Under Sink Piping

Do-it-Yourself Faucet & Fixture Replacements

Do It Yourself Yourself – Replace your Faucet

When it comes to Installing and Replacing a faucet fixture in your home, make sure you have the right tools on hand and follow these helpful tips.

First Step : Inspect the sink openings.

Probe the sink openings and their distance together. Bathroom faucets, many times, have two handles that can be connected to the spout for a single unit. This is information will be helpful for proper faucet installation/replacement.

Second Step: Turn off the water supply

There are two valves for water supply, one for cold water and another for hot. Turn them both off by turning the valves clockwise. This will turn-off water from running in the tubes.

Third Step: Position your Faucet Replacement

Positioning the gasket and the faucet on the sink.

Now from under the sink, thread mounting nuts into the shanks. Making sure that the flat, wide side part of the mounting nut is up.

Screw and tighten the mounting nuts but not too tight to damage it or difficult for future replacement

Fourth Step: Re-Connect the Water Supply Tubes.

To connect properly, make sure you take note of the following steps..

Wrap threads of the water supply valve with plumbing tape.

Thread the nut onto the shut-off valve and secure with a proper sized wrench.

Use plumbers tape on faucet shank threads, thread the water supply nut against the faucet shanks.

Secure the nut with a proper wrench.

Fifth Step: Flush Out Faucet

Make sure that the water supply is clean by running water into the faucet to flush trapped debris off of it. Trapped debris can impair the sealing surfaces inside the faucet and trigger leaks.

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